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  • Price: on request
  • Material: anodised aluminium, marquetry
  • Diameter: approx. 90 cm
  • Date of creation: 2013


The icosahedron, the most complex platonic solid, shows twenty identical surfaces, each an equal-sided triangle. The complete set of sixty stars, therefore, can be inserted in a regular grid, covering the surface of the icosahedron, by attributing three stars to each triangle surface. The geometry of hexagonal stars fit perfectly well into equal-sided triangles. It was therefore a must to create a sculpture by not only respecting specific rules of symmetry on each of its twenty facetted triangle surfaces, but, with regard to the centre of the solid, letting juxtaposed surfaces respect hyper-symmetric features as well. Following the grid structure on the solid's surface turns out to be an ever continuing journey: every triangle in any position respects the same rules and is related to all its neighbour surfaces by the same criteria.

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