Star Wreath

Star Wreath

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  • Material: fluorescent colour and metal foil print, on embossed cardboard
  • Dimensions: 100 × 70 cm
  • Edition: 25 prints (of each available colour combination)
  • Date of creation: 2013


The wreath is the only graphic composed of 120 stars. Every star of the set of 60 different has his counterpart - though positioned else than juxtaposed to the centre. A rotation symmetry however is apparent in the dark: The fluorescent lozenges show an intriguing pattern, while daylight evidences the embossing and 'hypersymmetric' arrangement of the coloured metalfoils.

Available colours
  • About the artwork

    With two sets of stars a wreath of twelve intersecting rings can be created. Among the rules generating the harmonious arrangement one requires that, seen from the centre of the wreath, all segments in one specific colour are juxtaposed, while segments in the other two colours invert. All single colour segments are centre oriented - if oriented to the centre of each ring no solution would occur.

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